automotive blasting bismarck nd


Prepare the body of your car for customization with automotive blasting.

sandblasting bismarck nd


Invest in industrial sandblasting & dry blasting to restore your heavy-duty items.

industrial sandblasting bismarck nd

Farming Equipment

Keep your machinery in pristine condition.

dustless blasting bismarck nd


Restore your household items with dustless blasting.

Strip Your Machinery With Media Blasting

Trust our team in Bismarck, ND to get the job done

Max Power Blasting is your go-to source for media blasting services in Bismarck, ND. Sandblasting equipment is necessary for preserving your machinery and avoiding unnecessary damages. Our team uses effective restoration methods such as dry blasting and soda blasting to gently remove all traces of dirt, debris or paint. We also offer sandblasting for your farming equipment.

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Discover the difference between dustless and dry blasting

There are several techniques used for media blasting. The most common are dustless blasting and dry blasting. If you're considering this service for your equipment, consider the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision:

  • Dry blasting eliminates solvents
  • Dry blasting is a quick service with minimal downtime
  • Dustless blasting minimizes contaminates
  • Dustless blasting is extremely effective

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