Discover the Automotive Blasting Trend That's Taking Over the Industry

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Soda blasting is taking the automotive blasting industry by storm. Instead of using sand, this technique relies on the power of baking soda to remove paint, debris and grease. Many professionals in Bismarck, ND prefer soda blasting because it's gentle, yet effective.

Max Power Blasting believes in the power of soda blasting. It's non-invasive, safe and biodegradable: all great benefits for your automobile. Using this method, our team of experts in Bismarck, ND can restore the look of vehicle without damaging its surface.

Take advantage of our free estimates

Take advantage of our free estimates

Automotive blasting is a unique way to restore the look of your car. You'll have a clean surface that's perfect for customization. Let us restore the body of the car or individual parts, such as:

  • Axels
  • Wheels
  • Rims
By removing old paint and debris, automotive blasting is the ideal choice for restoring your vehicle.